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Design, Build and Lunch :

Welcome aboard, you got a small business? or you support a non-profit Cause ? in both cases, that gives us the pleasure to join and work hard to grow and to accomplish your goals. Read more about how we can and we will be a great asset for your business.

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DIGITAL MARKETING : Work with tools you already use

Social media is cloud be your best way to find and connect with your customers. It's not magical - just a lot of creativity and following guidelines to optimize any business. Want great looking and interesting content on social media? Or maybe you would like to double your traffic with SEO and have more relevant content? We are certified digital marketer, at an affordable rate!

  • Social Media Marketing - Optimization and Campaign
  • Email Marketing - The best ROI
  • SEO (Organic - Zero Dollars Optimization)-

Help you to deliver the best service experiences fast.stay close to your customs in real time.

WEB DEVELOPMENT : Get the full control over your content

It's not just a website; it s your hub for connecting and serving your customers. It must represent your business values and plan.Give the perfect user experience . It will fit seamlessly and fill your needs as a small business. If you are looking for a website that is easy to manage and has a mobile-friendly interface, then you have come to the right place! We offer web development services that are modern.

  • Design to dynamic website with great User Experience. (UX)
  • Configuration Domain name , email to SSL configuration
  • Continuous integration and deployment
  • Business automation
  • On site SEO

Grow your business and give valuable User Experience to all your clients

Let's get to know us

Our Values and Mission Statement

We always start with the WHY? having good reasons, helps to stay motivated and accomplish efficiently the project. In all our work and projects, we aim to have positive impact and see changes in society and environment. While working with schools and teaching entities. we take a plenty of joy in these kind of projects,also we get as much happiness while working on non-profit projects of course pro bono publico. Our rigorous security and compliance standards are at the heart of all we do. We work tirelessly to protect you and your customers.

To Add Value

With every project we want to add value and have a win-win result

To Stay Professional

Better results achieved professionally

To Be Efficient

The fastest path is to plan and to use the resource efficiently

To Make Affordable

When good things happen, it should not be over priced.

Let us be part of the good action

Supporting our society, working on project for school, sport, community...

Check our services, our prices are symbolic.

Unlock long-term value and drive economic growth. Design, Build and Grow your business

We offer Valuable services that come with your satisfaction and best results. We Measure services by time - one time task or project that extents for months. - Individual configuration - No hidden fees

Tier 1: Starter

Quick and fast setup, configuration and one time setup.

starting at $ 30 / a task
  • Domain name and configuration
  • Email setup un configuration
  • Designing creatives for social media
  • SEO Audit for your website
  • IT and digital marketing Consultation
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Tier 2: Company

Short term project;3-5 months, extended & premium support.

starting at $ 300 /month
  • Static website up tp 10 pages with your content
  • First year domain name and email forwarding
  • Complete audit for your website plus report and recommendation
  • Managing your social media channels, max 2 channels
  • Consulting
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Tier 3: Enterprise

6 month and beyond; Medium to long term project, extended & premium support.

starting at $ 500 /month
  • Dynamic website, with Blog and smart interactive Website
  • Domain name and custom email; ex: name@yourname.com
  • Managing your social Media and media creation up to 50 posts a month.
  • Extended & premium support.
  • Free website updates: every 12 months
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